Worldcameras.info is blog about photography and the tools of photography. Here you’ll find news and opinions, reviews and articles ranging from the basics to more advanced topics. We’ll write about equipment and techniques we’ve tried out in the course of our own photography and also cover the latest news from the web. If you are interested in similar topics, hopefully the information here will save you some time behind the camera and at the computer and you’ll find like-minded people to connect with.

Worldcameras.info writers are:

Toomas-Vahur Lihtmaa: My passion is visual art. Im photographer and art and photography teacher. Photography is great way to tell a story in visual language.

Martin Varik: I first picked up a digital camera in 2004 and have been using various Canon DSLRs since 2006. Up until lately I have mostly been involved in motorsports and automotive feature photography, both for my own enjoyment and for print and web media, but I’m always searching for new things to look at through the camera lens and for ways of becoming a more versatile photographer. In addition to stills photography, I’m trying my hand at HDSLR video and post-production. My personal website is at martinvarik.com, or you can check out a look back at my photography in 2012.