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1D X and D4: At the Limits of Exposure

In this second synthetic test of our 1D X and D4 evaluation, we are going to look at dynamic range, or more simply put, we’ll test how much usable detail we can push up from the darkest areas and pull back from the brightest areas in the RAW files of these cameras. Previous articles in the series:

If you are a photographer, you can probably guess which half of the image below offers a greater chance of recovering a usable image:

Left half: 5 stops underexposed, right half: 3 stops overexposed

Left half 5 stops underexposed, right half 3 stops overexposed

We had a pretty good idea, too, but decided to test it anyway and in the process, compared how good the cameras in our test are at recovering information from under- and overexposed areas of the RAW image. Continue reading

1D X and D4: Testing the ISOs

As the first part of our testing we put together an ISO noise test against several other cameras. If you’d like to read our series of posts on the 1D X and the D4 from the beginning, the introductory post was:

So, in addition to putting the cameras through their paces in real-life shooting, we also wanted to do some more controlled testing, so we set up a test scene at the studio. There are more details on the test setup at the end of the post, but for now, let’s take a look at the test scene:

Test Scene - 1D X @ ISO 102400

Test Scene – 1D X @ ISO 102400

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1D X and D4: Kings of the Hill?


We are going to kick off here by comparing two top-of-the-line sports cameras from Canon and Nikon – the 1D X and the D4. For real-world testing, we shot some indoor sports in pretty lousy lighting; there will also be some pixel-peeping for noise, raw file flexibility and video quality.

We also shot these cameras in a studio setting and compared them to several other full-frame models and a lonely APS-C contender we had lying around – that was never going to be a pretty sight. We’ll be talking about how these cameras were to shoot with and provide our answer to the big question – are these beasts worth their 6000 euro asking prices? Continue reading